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Anthony Valdiosera, P.E.

Chief Executive Officer

__Tony #1_DT.jpg

Professional Civil Engineer focused on the delivery of rail, road and highway projects. Strengths include design development, review, and oversight. Recognizes client expectations and facilitates effective communication throughout the project team to ensure high-quality and timely project execution.


California State University Sacramento, CA
Bachelors, 2009


California (C79955)

Nevada (026252)

Michael Stanwick, P.E.

Chief Operations Officer


Michael is a Professional Civil Engineer with a career focus on major capital infrastructure projects in the transportation field. Thrives under high-pressure scenarios and ensures production of first-rate deliverables in both leading and contributing capacities. Responsibilities include technical and administrative coordination; design development; public outreach participation; assistance in development and oversight of project budget, scope, and schedule.


University of the Pacific Stockton, CA
Bachelors, 2008


California (C79240)

Dominic Tafoya

Chief Sales & Marketing Officer


Dominic Tafoya has over 10 years of engineering experience working as an engineering project manager and design engineer. He has extensive experience with some of the largest transportation projects in California and has five large scale design build projects under his belt. He thrives under the grueling deadlines and prides himself in being successful when the stakes are the highest. Dominic has the passion and drive to push any design team to the finish line and assure the projects success.


Colorado State University Fort Collins, CO
Bachelors, 2008

Chris Ingle, S.E.

Senior Structural Engineer

__Chris #1_DT.jpg

With over 10 years of professional structural and civil engineering experience, Chris Ingle provides the technical expertise critical to evaluating structural designs compliance, construction staging, and construction methods. Having served as both a lead structural engineer as well as a field inspector on bridge replacement projects, Mr. Ingle brings a well-rounded base of knowledge in delivery of structural improvements for transportation corridors.


University of California

Berkeley, CA

M.S. Civil Engineering, 2012

California State University

Fresno, CA

B.S. Civil Engineering, 2011

Magna Cum Laude


California (S6666) (C82743)

American Concrete Institute (ACI)

Field Testing Technician – Grade 1

Elena Lasheras, P.E.

Senior Hydraulics Engineer

__Elena #1_DT.jpg

Civil Engineer, passionate about the improvement of public infrastructure as a service to society. Elena is a dedicated professional with experience in design development and project management in a variety of transport infrastructure and public works projects, including high speed rail, airports, roadways, ports, and water systems. She has past experiences in construction and construction management.


Polytechnic University of Catalonia

Barcelona, Spain

MSc Civil Engineering, 2006


California (C83635)

Yuma Alexander Doi, E.I.T.

Track and Roadway Engineer

__Yuma #1_DT.jpg

With over four years of professional civil engineering experience, Yuma Doi brings a robust foundation of design development experience in the transportation and transit field. In addition to technical proficiency, Mr. Doi values effective communication and fosters coordination across project teams towards the goal of client satisfaction.


North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC

B.S. in Civil Engineering, 2017


Engineer In Training


Anthony Valdiosera, P.E
Michael Stanwick, P.E
Dominic Tafoya
Chris Ingle, S.E
Elana Lasheras, P.E
Yuma Alexander Doi, E.I

Craig Cameron, P.E.

Senior Civil Engineer

Craig Cameron.jpg

With over 30 years of transportation and general civil engineering expertise, Craig brings well-rounded engineering experience to the team. During his 10+ year involvement with California High-Speed Rail he has served as a lead engineer for EIR/EIS document development, right-of-way engineering manager, as well as the lead civil engineer for the program. With an emphasis on quality and timeliness, Craig is committed to working toward resolving civil-related and interdisciplinary issues as theprogram develops.


California State University Chico, CA
B.S. Civil Engineering, 1987


California (C46534)

Craig Cameron, P.E.

Jorge Solorio-Ayala, P.E.

Track, Road, and Highway Engineer

Jorge Solorio-Ayala.jpg

Jorge brings over seven years of experience in civil engineering, with a career focus in rail and transit design. Having delivered design packages for various passenger, high-speed, and freight agencies, Mr. Solorio understands the importance of quality alignment design during all phases of project delivery, including project definition, alternatives analysis, and final design / design-build.


California State University Fresno, CA
B.S. Civil Engineering, Mathematics Minor, 2015


California (C92262)


Lalehzarian, P.E.

Structures Engineer

Serjic Lalehzarian.jpg

With seven years of experience in structural engineering, Serjic Lalehzarian is well-versed in the design and construction of bridges in the Central Valley of California. Having been involved with both the design development and construction inspection of his structures projects, Serjic has a greater understanding of what steps are needed for quality delivery.


University of California

San Diego, CA
M.S. Structural Engineering, 2015

University of California

Berkeley, CA
B.S. Civil Engineering, 2014


California (C88411)

Jorge Solorio-Ayala, P.E.
Serjic Lalehzarian, P.E.
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